Welcome to Janieka Black Mastiffs, some of you will remember us as Janieka Boerboels.

For those of you who don't know us, we bred some Legends like Janieka Swartkat, Janieka Vince, Janieka Neef Gert and Janieka Ramkat jnr to name a few.

We reside on a farm in the Free State district of Southern Africa, about 200km South of Johannesburg.

Our Love for this lovely breed started many years ago as a Boerboel were our first Dog.

For us it was just a pet, but now it is a privileged to live out our passion and love for this wonderful breed. 

Each of our dogs consider themselves part of our Family, where they get all the love, care and socializing to make them great companions with an excellent temperament. WE STRIVE to breed each puppy with the same compatibilities and to bring forward the breed standard, with the highest and most excellent bloodlines.


Why Black Mastiffs? And where we come from!


We had a very important decision to make in February 2016, the "Black Boerboel" was suspended under the AIA. We as Breeders of the Black Boerboels were banned from calling, appraising, showing exporting or even advertising them as Boerboels.

At that point we had 90% Black Lineage in our Breeding Program and there were no answers for us about what to do or where to go. It was a matter of weather we breed with unregistered dogs, because they couldn't get appraised we establish a new Mastiff type Breed, namely (the SA BLACK MASTIFFS).

We and a few members kept our word and we created a home for the Black Dog, The first step was to get a name for us and we decided on Black Mastiffs in honour of our Black Large Breed Dogs. We are in an early stage of this Developing Breed and have great foundation dogs like the Boerboel and Ysterberg Mastiff to broaden our genepool.  We pride ourselves on our excellent breeding plan, experienced Appraisers; Founding Members and devoted Breeders.


More about SABMA (South African Black Mastiff Association)


 Colours in our Breed Standard - Black, Brown, Brindle, Fawn, Piebald, Black and Tan, dilute and even liver nose (liver nose dogs will get a penalty but can be appraised), but when mated, one of the parents needs to be Black, and strick Breeding rules apply. All the Dogs that are appraised will begin in the Acceptance Register and only the black pups will be entered into the Appendix Register to the Excellence Register.  Our goal is to breed and improve the Black Mastiffs. The acceptance Register is open to any South African Black Mastiff with or without papers of any organization or even without origin as long as they pass the mandatory breed type assessment. Minimum APPRAISAL POINT of 80% with the Breed Standard Conformation are required.

 This is the whole new exciting World for our beloved Black Mastiffs. We are really dedicated to make this a huge success and to show you how committed and dedicated we are, Our Application for a Breeding Society as well as a Landrace is already admitted to the Registrar

We will keep you posted 

Feel free to contact us for more information 









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